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Blue Gold (Toner)
Brand : Pro Chemical | SKU : Pro1

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Pro Chemical
Pro Chemical

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Pro Chemical
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Description:  - Stable, free-flowing color concentrate
- Compatible with a wide variety of architectural, maintenance and industrial coatings
- Fully dispersed for maximum color strength and full chroma
- Excellent lightfastness
- Will not affect dry time or film hardness
- Compatible with most high performance non-aqueous coatings
Color: blue
-Acrylic Melamine Topcoat / Primer
-Alkyd NC/ Alkyd PU Topcoat/ pr.                     
-Alkyd Resin Topcoat / Primer
-Alkyd Urethane Topcoat / Primer
- Alkyd / Polyester / Acrylic Melamine
Usage:  White coatings for improving and hiding yellowing 
Type: chemical
Storage: room temperature
Purity: pure 100 %
Quality: High quality
Release Type:  fast reaction

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