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Gemsa Synthetic Topcoat Paint
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Gemsa Boya
Gemsa BOYA
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Gemsa Boya
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Definition: It is a synthetic alkyd based, bright topcoat paint with superior properties. It shows perfect adhesion to all kinds of interior and exterior walls, does not leave any brush marks, spreads very well to the surface, does not crack or flake, does not turn to yellow, can be wiped, is resistant to all kinds of physical and chemical effects and forms a smooth and protective film coat on the surface.

Area of Application: Gemsa Synthetic Topcoat Paint is a bright topcoat paint for general purpose and is used with suitable primer on wood, iron and all kinds of interior and exterior wall surfaces, iron contractions, door, window, railing, metal and wall surfaces. It is highly resistant to atmospheric and difficult conditions due to the type of binder used.

Application Tools: Pistole, Brush, Roller

Application Thinner: Synthetic thinner (White spirit)

Method of Application: The surface to be applied should be cleaned from all kinds of oil, dirt and rust (sanded, scraped, burned or washed with solvent). Two layers of Gemsa Synthetic Primer or one layer of Gemsa Anti-metal Anticorrosive paint for metal surfaces can be applied to the cleaned and surface with prepared surface. After sanding the primer, the topcoat, which is thoroughly mixed, should be thinned by 15-20% with the appropriate thinner in brush application and 30-40% in gun application.

Drying Time:

Touch drying: 1-hour     Final drying: 5 hours.

Non-dust drying: 2-3 hours   Second coat application: 24 hours.

Paintable Area: 12-14 m2 / kg (30-microns dry film thickness)

14-16 m2 / lt (30-micron dry film thickness)

Storage Type and Duration: 1 year in a cool and dry environment not receiving direct sunlight, sealed packaging (+5°C to +30°C)

Safety Warnings: 

(S2) (Keep out of the reach of children.)

(S7) (Store in a closed, cool and ventilated place.)

(S24/25) (Avoid contact with eyes and skin.)

Hazard Warnings:

(R10/11) (Easily flammable)

(R20/21/22) (Harmful by inhalation in contact with skin if swallowed.)

(R36/38) (Irritant to eyes and skin)

Notes: Temperature of the application surfaces should be above +5°C.

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